The Simplicity Of Life

Life can be so simple, if only everyone would appreciate what they have and not what they do not have.  My heart aches for my friend who’ve just been abandoned by her husband.  Being alone in Canada, she wonders if she can saved the marriage but no matter what she said or what she did, … [Read more…]

Are You Happy?

Yes! it’s pretty simple right?  you would think so but nope some people refused to do what is necessary to make them happy and liveable.   Life is short !  live for today peeps!!  don’t waste time worry about what people think.

Breakfast In Italy

For some people it’s a dream job – for others it can be quite taxing on any relationship.  So people asked me all the time – how does our relationship survived with the spouse traveling so much.  I think it’s great because he does his things and when he comes home – it’s a huge … [Read more…]


Joe is my beetle – my car and thinking back I never thought I would own my car outright because back home buying a car was pretty expensive and like they say at home that it’s more expensive to own a car than to feed a wife and a few kids.  Yes, the crazy COE … [Read more…]

BuonGiorno From Italy

No I wasn’t in Italy – but the spouse was there and we had skype one morning while he was having breakfast and getting ready to go for a meeting with an associate.   People asked me all the time about this long distance relationship we have and I’ve often wondered myself how in the world … [Read more…]