Peking Duck


Yes, Peking duck but I’m not in Peking and when you want to eat something from home and you cannot get it – what do you do?  you make them yourself silly.  My kid said to me the other day – my mom is the best cook – she can whipped up just about anything.  In truth, mom isn’t a good cook, mom just have no choice because when you are in the West and you cannot get the food you want, you just have to cook them yourself and having been in the West for this long, you kinda learned to be good.

Sometimes, I wonder if migrating and marrying a Westerner is such a good idea.  Of course, you have the pros but lets not forget the cons as well and on certain days, the cons can look quite huge.  I don’t regret it but the food, the food is the one that causes me some grieve.