Breakfast With Girlfriends


It is pretty awesome to be able to meet up with girlfriends and have breakfast together – I love to have them at home but it’s also great to have them at our favorite hang out and then go shopping after.  I need a bunn coffee grinder for mine isn’t working very well anymore – so what’s better than to have breakfast and then go get my coffee grinder with the girlfriends that drinks lots of coffee like myself.

The spouse asked me frequently what I chat with my girlfriends since we meet up at least twice a week – whether to have coffee or just to hang out with.  Unlike men – women folks need a place to get together and share stories – complain about their spouses and children and the outlaws.  Of course, we get together to show off our latest jewelry and/or gadgets that the other half bought for us.  And then there is the wine we like to share and cooking tips and cookery class to attend.  Yes, breakfast with my girlfriends can be very enterprising too – because some of them are actually financial controllers with the bank and hotels.  Loved my girlfriends and glad we kept in touch after college.

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