Exotic Fruity Tutti Drinks


Flew up to be with the spouse in Vancouver for the weekend and went for some exotic fruity tutti drinks at the food court and kinda reminded me of my teenage years when I am so ready to try out everything and anything.  Never did I think I would be so far away trying out exotic drinks for someone with such humble beginnings.  I’m grateful for a wonderful spouse who keeps me happy and gives me just about everything I want and need.  I cannot ask for more but more time to watch my children grow up.

This weekend in Vancouver we saw some pretty exciting exhibitions and I went to museum of vancouver and saw the Maraya Project exibit  and shopping at Metrotown Mall at Burnaby plus a quick run to the China town in Vancouver for some chinese medicinal herbs for the kids – to boil soup for them when they come home from college.  Overall, it was a great trip – wished we had more time that’s all.

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