Summer In Paris


Summer in Paris with my girlfriends and old classmates was planned for almost a year now.  We are having a blast and taking in all the sights and seeing everything.  This is not the first time that we’ve met up in Paris and reminisce our youth together for good friends are hard to come by these days.  With our lives so different after University , some migrated to London and some as far as Australia and some remained in Asia, we still managed to meet up every now and then.

And when we do meet up , we are like teenagers all over again and it is just like yesterday when we parted.  We love exploring different eating places and just relaxing and taking in great architectural and surrounding ourselves with history , fashion and lots of shopping of course.   Playing catch up and inspiring each other when we do meet up , is so liberating for all of us girls.  Therefore, it’s so important to have your own time and girls time , to be able to appreciate a world outside of your spouse’s and children.

 I hope to do this for many , many years to come, my girlfriends makes me a better person.

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