Long Distance Relationship


Girl meets boy on the internet and they click and they miraculously think that they are soul mates and they want to fly and be with the other person and live happily ever after with each other.  If only it was that easy and works like a charm and a fairy tale but you and I know that it’s not always the case especially if girl is from the East and boy is from the West.  Will it work ?  Does it work ?  Is it really such a happily ever after ?  Here’s my story to tell.

In any relationship, it’s an uphill task and a long distance one is even harder.  Sure, you might tell me that love concurs all but it doesn’t because you need money to live, you need to sort out your immigration process, your cultural differences, leaving your family, home, food and work/co-workers and most importantly the weather in the country you will be living in and his family and friends as well.  So many things to consider right?  I don’t want to frighten you but the reality is, you are in for a major cultural shock when you uproot yourself from your home and country and decide to move your entire life to somewhere else.

 And what about the other person , you think you know so well?  Are you sure you know him/her that well?  Many are so blinded by “love” that they jump on the next plane to meet with the other person without worry about whether he or she is violent or abusive or has any baggage.  A friend of mine recently met with a boy from the West and after chatting for many months thinking that he was really into her, decided to engage in more intimate conversation with him but he in turn distributed her intimate pictures around after they had a fight one day.

What I’m saying or asking of everyone who is in a long distance relationship to be very careful.  Of course, some smart ass out there is going to say that it can happen to just anyone.  Yes of course, but being in a long distance relationship, you can’t fly to his or her country to try and smack them and ask them to smarten up or sue them for distributing your personal pictures on the cyberspace.  He or she can just disappear and not come online and chat with you ever again.

So while long distance relationship may sound enticing , romantic and intriguing, trust me it’s not all of the above because there are risks involved and heartaches and plenty of money involved.  And time-consuming as well.  So before you embark in any long -distance relationship and pack your bags, just make sure you truly know the other party.  AND DO NOT SEND ANY INTIMATE PICTURES TO THEM !!!!  I cannot stress this enough to anyone and everyone.

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