Christmas Party Preparation


I’ve started planning for our yearly Christmas party and even though the spouse thinks that it’s way too early, I don’t think so at all.  The first week of November is already gone and if I don’t start my planning now , I know I will get quite overwhelmed once it draws nearer.  First I need to prepare the guest list before I can decide on how much food and drinks I need to order or prepare for the party.  Of course, I also need to get my  customized shot glasses by Glass with a Twist  for all my guests to bring home as a token of my appreciation for all the gifts they are going to bring for my family and I.

I want my Christmas party to be a success and I want my guests to leave all happy and fed well on this special occasion as the spouse will invite all his friends and co-workers for this event.  My children will also have some of their friends over but they will go home with other kind of thank you gifts as shot glasses may not be appropriate.

And if I order all my party supplies now, I don’t have to worry about forgetting something and trying to find them in the city.  I need some Christmas photo booth props as well, that would be fun for both the kids and the other guests.  I also need new “Merry Christmas” garland for the fireplace and decoration purpose.  And of course, the food needs to be carefully planned and catered for.  Christmas is the only big celebration we have in our home, so starting the preparation now, is never too early.


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