Fashion Shows


When I was younger, I wanted to attend any fashion shows or anything that sounds arty farty or makes me look important and popular.  If I was invited for any event, I would be so happy and start planning on what to wear and what I should buy to attend the event.  The same for attending a friend’s wedding, it’s so funny when I think of it.  But I think, this has to do with our upbringing and how our parents were.

But now, when I get invited for any event, I don’t get overly excited and try ways to avoid attending them as much as possible.  I rather be doing something useful and meaningful or just curl up and read a book.  I really enjoy a good meal and a good glass of wine with some intelligent company rather than going to events just to show off the latest jewelry or designer bag or shoes.

Maybe I’m getting old?  maybe I’m getting tired? or maybe I’m getting way smarter ?  whatever it is I’m sure enjoying myself and won’t have it any other way.

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