Munchies I Loved

You wouldn’t believed this but after so many years of traveling back and forth to Hong Kong, this is still my favorite munchies when I am there.  Unfortunately, one can only eat so much since our trips are usually very short.  And we can’t carry them home because food is a forbidden item to bring … [Read more…]

Beer Snacks

This is way better than KFC’s popcorn chicken and once eaten this – you wouldn’t go back to KFC ever again.  This is what the spouse wants to call beer snack but it’s the childrens’ favorite.  So after having this in 2010 in Korea, I decided to try and cook it at home but I … [Read more…]

A Few Drinks

Met up with some friends who just came back from traveling for a drink, well – a few drinks and we came across a place that I had been to a long time ago in Taiwan.  So that got me thinking again about traveling back to Asia with my friends instead of my spouse.  As … [Read more…]