Crazy Rich Asians


 Crazy Asian I’ve seen many but crazy rich asians like the ones in Kevin Kwan book I haven’t.  I have seen some rich ones but not as crazy rich as the ones in the book, folks who owned their own jets.  Crazy chinese who owns like own luxury boat, yes, no doubt I’ve met some during my days in Asia.

I’ve just started on this book for the fun of it, usually I don’t read fictional books but I figured what the hell ?  why not right?  life is too short not to have a little laugh here and there.  But if you asked me I rather read something more substantial in my free time.  The book thus far is quite entertaining although I can relate to some stuff , I cannot relate to a lot of it because I don’t have “such” rich friends.  I have well to do friends but not that rich , these people in the book are filthy rich !  I cannot imagine living a life that one is so rich and have nothing better to do with their life but waste it away.  But I guess that is their destiny and what else to do but to fling the money around eh.

Do I wished  to have a life like this?  not really , I think I would be totally wasted and have no meaning in life if I was born this rich and was expected to do nothing but to look pretty and marry well.

Heavenly Breakfast


I don’t get to eat this as often as I would love to but once in a while when I am traveling in San Francisco, I would definitely stop at Chinatown and have some of my dough fritters and coffee – the Asian style.  Brings back so many memories when I was younger and lived in Asia.  My parents and forefathers grew up eating these but of course, not in such style, it came wrapped in paper usually just old newspaper and an old ceramic cup.

Life was pretty simple then and never did I think that I would migrate so far away but I knew that I didn’t want to stay put in Asia when I grow up.  I knew for sure that I wanted to marry someone from the West because I’m such a outspoken person.

Munchies I Loved

You wouldn’t believed this but after so many years of traveling back and forth to Hong Kong, this is still my favorite munchies when I am there.  Unfortunately, one can only eat so much since our trips are usually very short.  And we can’t carry them home because food is a forbidden item to bring back with you and once you get stopped by custom, it seems that they target you all the time.  So to avoid any embarrassment, I don’t carry them back home anymore.

How To Keep Your Husband In Line ?

My grandmother used to say, the way to the man’s heart is thru’ his tummy and if you want to keep your man in line, you have to be able to cook his favorite dish to perfection.  But in my case, it’s the spouse that needs to cook my favorite to perfection else i would want to go visit my home town every other month.  Now that is not going to make his bank book look very good is it?  so in order to keep me in line, the hubby has mastered the technique to cook my favorite curry noodles with my favorite cockles imported from Toronto – hand carried whenever he passes thru’ Toronto.  I’m spoilt indeed.


A short trip to Chinatown always makes me happy because I don’t miss home so much after eating some fresh from the oven baked goods you can only get from home.  This was my mom’s favorite too and back home, you only get to eat this when you are having a wedding or someone is having a wedding.  But these days, you can find it everywhere in Asia and people don’t eat it only because of weddings.  It’s a sweet cookie with sweet paste in them – I don’t eat a lot of them but I do have cravings, thank God for a very supportive spouse, who drove hours to get me some.

Fishy Fishy

We were in the city for some work the next day, so today being April Fool’s Day and also Easter Monday, we decided to have a good chinese meal at an authentic chinese restaurant that serves Sze Chuan food.  Too many, this must be a very ugly fish, where else, I loved this kinda fish because it reminds me of my childhood where I had to eat the eyeballs because my mom told me that it was the best part of a fish.  They delight in seeing me devour the eyes and spitting out the eyeballs after eating up all the jello stuff around the eyes.

The friends looked at me in disgust – hahahaha!

Food I Missed

I missed traveling !  before migrating to Canada – I used to travel a lot for work and vacation but now that I have a family things are quite different.  Even though my kids are older now, I still have to be around for them as the spouse travels a lot for work.  My mom said that the only reason why I missed the traveling is because of the food – as I’m quite adventurous with food and once I went back to Japan just because I loved their mushroom tea at the Mt Fuji gift shop.  Yes, I went back to Tokyo because of the mushroom tea – just the mushroom tea.  Of course, I loved their dried scallops that came in small little tiny pouches that you can popped in your mouth and eat them singly.

I missed  a lot of food but what I missed most today were these oyster omelet that you can find in Taiwan.  The juicy and succulent  tiny oysters in each mouthful of omelet is to die for.  They can be found in the streets of Taipei and they are awfully cheap, not only the Taiwanese loved it, tourists like myself loved it too.  I told the spouse about my craving the other night and he promised to bring me a long with him on his next trip to Taiwan.  I’m so lucky right?  Yes! very but can I leave my kids again with their grandparents.  Parenthood is such JOY! but I will never regret it.

Beer Snacks

This is way better than KFC’s popcorn chicken and once eaten this – you wouldn’t go back to KFC ever again.  This is what the spouse wants to call beer snack but it’s the childrens’ favorite.  So after having this in 2010 in Korea, I decided to try and cook it at home but I failed miserably.  The spouse was in Korea recently and took this picture for me – to remind me of how good the Frypan chicken taste.

Well, he doesn’t have to remind me of it – I have a picture of it myself too.

A Few Drinks

Met up with some friends who just came back from traveling for a drink, well – a few drinks and we came across a place that I had been to a long time ago in Taiwan.  So that got me thinking again about traveling back to Asia with my friends instead of my spouse.  As much as I liked traveling with the spouse and kids, sometimes it’s great to be able to travel with your pals.  But I do have a problem, I just not used to sharing a hotel room with anyone except the spouse and my children, so if we were to go, I hate to offend anyone nor would I want them to have to spend extra money for another room.  Dilemma I know !

Now what’s the reason why I won’t like to share a room with a gal pal?  it’s just not convenient and I really loved my privacy a lot but if I really want to go to Taiwan or any part of Asia with my gal pals, I think I just might have no choice but to suck it up.  So for now, I’m going to think about it but I am really intrigue with all the shopping and places they had been to because I know the spouse and children wouldn’t be able to do as much.