Fruit Cider

I think I would miss traveling a lot all because I won’t be able to buy stuff like the above that I cannot get here in Canada.   The spouse loves to bring home stuff like that to surprise me and I do the same for him when I am traveling for work.  While the spouse and I enjoy our life to the max, there are some people around us that are not too happy that we are doing so well.  I know of some of the spouse’s friends who don’t come around no more because we have better jobs and better house and cars than they do.

Life can be so strange at times, and when I look back at my sister who is still in Asia doing her “things” with other men instead of her own spouse, that tells me that their relationship cannot be the best ?  I may be wrong, of course, I never ask her and she would deny it too, so why bother?

Are humans so shallow?  or is it just our friends and neighbors?  Lucky for us, our families seems to be fine with our success and like the spouse said, we can’t control what others think about us.  But when it affects our kids – well, it affects mama bear here.

A Cup Of Coffee & Carrot Cake Time

Met up with one of my girlfriend who recently was separated from her husband.  Well, I shouldn’t really say recently for it had been about 1.5 yrs now and as much as I would love to continue supporting her, it’s now getting a little tiring for me.  Because I think I’ve overextended myself in the attempt to make her feel less lonely on her own – so that she wouldn’t make the wrong decision to go back to her ex.

I have included her in everything I do from work to leisure and I think it’s time to let go now – and let her soar on her own.  I haven’t been spending too much time with my own kids and spouse because of her – not her fault but I think I was overly helpful and although the spouse hasn’t said anything yet, I think I should now let go a little and let her be her own person.

So we sat down for a cup of coffee and carrot cake and talked for a bit and I told her a little white lie that I am going to be quite busy in the following weeks.  So hopefully, she will find things to do on her own and learn to be stronger without me.  I will always be there for her but it’s time to let go a little.

A Rare Find

Thru’ a friend, the spouse found the perfect gift for me for my birthday because all of a sudden I decided I wanted to be healthier and drink chinese tea instead.  I’ve been drinking the Steel Empress of late and also tried the Japanese Sencha that I absolutely loved.  But drinking them in a traditional tea pot is absolutely awesome.  I loved how the spouse knows what I want or needed and he gets them for me without having me to ask for it.  He is that good – or is it being in a relationship for 20 yrs that nurture our understanding for each other.  And the spouse is another rare find, I tell myself all the time.

A Few Drinks

Met up with some friends who just came back from traveling for a drink, well – a few drinks and we came across a place that I had been to a long time ago in Taiwan.  So that got me thinking again about traveling back to Asia with my friends instead of my spouse.  As much as I liked traveling with the spouse and kids, sometimes it’s great to be able to travel with your pals.  But I do have a problem, I just not used to sharing a hotel room with anyone except the spouse and my children, so if we were to go, I hate to offend anyone nor would I want them to have to spend extra money for another room.  Dilemma I know !

Now what’s the reason why I won’t like to share a room with a gal pal?  it’s just not convenient and I really loved my privacy a lot but if I really want to go to Taiwan or any part of Asia with my gal pals, I think I just might have no choice but to suck it up.  So for now, I’m going to think about it but I am really intrigue with all the shopping and places they had been to because I know the spouse and children wouldn’t be able to do as much.

3.3% Alcohol


My son asked me if he could drink this ? since it was only 3.3% alcohol, he said to me, but it’s only a cocktail !  but you see in Taiwan the age limit for drinking is different as compared to the West.  The spouse looked at him and laughed and allowed him to have a bottle which I frown.   While in Canada, you can only buy liquor in an authorized store, in Asia, you can buy them in a grocery store, making it a lot easier for kids to get to them.  No wonder we see a lot more drunk driving in Asia than in Canada where I lived.

Brinjai Splendid


I never used to like brinjai also known as eggplants to the people from the west till I came to Canada and since the spouse and kids don’t eat anything spicy, I have to cook brinjai differently.   As you can see, I’ve learned to bake them with cheese and meat and once in a while I make them when we have company and they enjoyed it so much.

Last night we had friends from Hong Kong over for dinner and I baked some of my brinjai splendid for them, we also had a bottle of good wine brought back by the spouse from Australia.  It was sweet – like a fruit like wine. I didn’t know that the Torbreck The Factor wine were so expensive until our guests left for the evening – had I known I wouldn’t have pour away so liberally – haha!  But the company was good and we had a really good time plus enjoying the last of the summer.


Precious Find


I never thought I would see coffee art in Nova Scotia but I was wrong – this cafe in Dartmouth sure was surprising and lived up to its name for being the best cafe in Halifax.  I read about the cafe in the Coast and had meant to visit many a times.  I was finally up in the city and went to try out their coffee – although not as good as the ones I had in Paris – it was still excellent.  The next time I’m trying the chocolate croissant with it.   Two If By Sea is going to be one of my favorite place to be when I am in Halifax.

While We Are On Starbucks


I haven’t had a frappuccino for a long time – well ever since staying in an area that doesn’t have a Starbucks unless you head out to the city – or in Toronto or Vancouver.  The spouse tried buying some for me when he was up in the city – but by the time he got home from a 2 hrs flight – it was pretty much flat – well, I can’t say it’s flat – since they are not carbonated – but they didn’t taste good at all.

Well, Starbucks brings back a lot of good memories for me – since we only had Starbucks back home like 15 – 18 yrs ago – and when they first opened, we all found it very classy to be there sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee or fruity drinks and reading or better still having your laptop open and working on it.  I’ve spent many hours at the Starbucks at home with my god-daughters and I do miss them a lot and wished I was there for them when their father passed away.  Anyhow, I’m getting a frappuccino soon because I’m heading to the city to meet the spouse – who is returning on a trip.