Birthday Gift

Hubs birthday is coming soon and I don’t usually get him anything too expensive.  But this year, I know exactly what to get him because I’ve seen him eyeing on the  bolt 2   strap for his guitar.   It’s a Gibson too and it will match his guitar and it’s not expensive at all.  I think I might just get 2 of it for him just in case he destroys one and I can’t get a replacement for him.

Music Gifts


Since it’s hard to buy for the spouse as he travels more than I, I decided to get him some  music gifts  but it has to be unique.   The spouse never did ask for anything in particular but I could probably order the above coffee table for him as my gift for his next birthday, for what do you buy someone who has everything and more internet savvy than I .  But I can’t go wrong with music gifts for he loves his music tremendously.  I guess, if we ever go broke, he can busk for money.

Protecting The Bass Guitar


My kids are all very good at taking care of whatever belongs to them.  They never once misused or mis-treat their toys or musical instruments.  I really lucked in on that part because I didn’t need to stress how important it is to take care of whatever we’ve paid for them.  So when I saw this  bass humidifier  in the music room, I knew immediately that it was my son who had bought it for this bass guitar.

I’ve seen my friends’ kids destroying their toys and not taking care of even very expensive musical instruments , therefore, when I see my kids going the extra mile and looking after our investment, I’m one happy mama here.

A Blue Guitar


As soon as the spouse saw this in his buddy’s apartment, he came home and said he wants one too !  Yup ! like a child, he went online looking for a  jtv ,  if you don’t know what it is by now.    The original price was like USD $1999 and now on sale for only USD $999, so I told him to go ahead and get it if he really wants it.  I too like the color and if what he said about the JTV is as good as it sounds , then I think it would definitely be a great buy.  This new collection would definitely complete our collection of the many great guitars we’ve purchased throughout the years.

Music Stands


So my kid calls me from school and said to me to get some stands for music  for her school music band and I said sure.  Afterall, how much can a couple of stands cost right?  I figured I would be doing my part as a parent for the school, so out I went to get some music stands for them but of course, I didn’t get the right color *slap forehead*.   I figured the colorful ones would be rather outstanding but all they wanted were regular colors ones, meaning black.  So I had to bring the music stands back and found some regulra colors ones and brought them back to the school.  Mannnn!  these kids are so hard to please these days.

Halloween Is Over ! YAY!


Hallelujah!  it’s finally over !  don’t get me wrong, love halloween and all but when you have kids, they are so excited , they can drive you nuts !  The youngest had been driving me nuts about what she wants to be for Halloween and going back and forth about her costume, so you understand why I’m so happy now that it is over.  Another year, I’m free of making and buying costumes !  the older ones are just fine, they get their own costumes and I have no worries about it.  It’s just the youngest that drives us nuts !

Shopping For My Teenagers


When I travel for work, the first thing I do when I get some free time is to go shopping for my kids.  They always have a list of things for me to pick up for them and like any mums out there, we head straight to the store to pick up their stuff first before even thinking of ourselves.  This trip to New York, I was asked to pick up some  Clayton Guitar Picks  for them because they can’t find any locally.  I’m glad they have it at the first music store I went into but I guess they are a lot more popular in the States than over here in Canada.  The picks are also cheaper than the ones that I’ve been buying for them locally too, so I picked up like a dozen for them and their friends.  Yes, I’m that kind of mom, who is very generous to all my kids’ friends, that’s why they loved me most.  And you can be sure , I will know what my kids are up to from their friends – my way of bribing them – hahaha!


Autumn Nights


Preparing for my trip to Italy , and this is what I will be wearing for my autumn night.  It had to be a little business like and of course, since it is cocktails and dinner, one have to dress up abit and autumn is usually cold in the evening, so this girl is bringing my coat too.  My kids just complained that I’m obsessed with dressing up for the occasion but you can’t blame me for it because people would judge you for what you wear and how you represent your company and yourself.

Bose Headphones


My oldest came home for the summer holiday and told me that he could use a Bose headphones for the summer and since they were  On Sale  I figured I should get it for him as a reward for doing well in college.  He usually doesn’t ask for a lot but having said that we always make sure that all our children have more than they ask for.  But it is on sale, so yes, I will buy the headphones for him because we all know that Bose has the best speakers and anything audio, I myself have been in love with Bose ever since I found out about their cube speakers from 20 years ago.  When we buy anything at all, we make sure we buy for the quality and not the quantity.

Music Lessons For My Kids

My kids take several music lessons throughout the week and they cannot do without their  road runner case  , in fact, all of them has one of them to carry their instruments from home to school and then from school to their music teacher’s home.  Some might thing that these cases are way too heavy for a child to lug a long everyday but it’s one of the best cases to protect your musical instruments.  Unlike in Asia, their are Filipino  maids to carry the kids music cases, here in the West, they are pretty independent and carry it themselves.  I’m proud of the way my kids are brought up because I don’t want to have a maid do everything for them and they literally become handicap once the maid is gone.  So yes, my kids carry their own road rummer cases.