Portable Amp


The son has a huge rivera  amp like the one above but he is in college now and wants a portable one.  I’m hoping to get the same rivera for him except that it has to be a portable one, so that he can lug it to and fro from school to home and vice versa.  I warned him that a portable one may produce as good an quality sound as his old rivera but because of convenience purpose, he said he had no choice but to get one of a smaller size.

 Kids are definitely not cheap these days especially one who has so many interest in music.  But I guess I can’t complain since all his hobbies are healthy ones.  Plus, I had promise all my kids that we will support all their interests as long as they are healthy ones.  So yes, off to get a portable amp for him this weekend.

Strings For Bass Guitars


Kids can be expensive but the spouse has more expensive taste than the kids, whenever he buys something, he wants the best of the best like the  best steinberger bass strings  that he bought recently.  While most people spends $15 for a guitar strings, he needs to get a $35 strings. But according to the spouse, they are reasonably priced for such good bass guitar strings and that he won’t have to keep changing them, these ones are going to last him a long time.  I guess, you pay for what you get eh.

Drum Set


A few months ago, the oldest son saw a mapex saturn for sale on ebay and wanted to get it with his own Christmas money but I didn’t agree to it.  Why? because he already bought a lot of music accessories recently plus there is an exciting mapex saturn iv exotic sale at guitar center  , so I rather he purchase one from guitar center as we’ve always bought stuff there and is never disappointed.  The ones sold at the guitar center is also much cheaper and comes wtih warranty.  I’m not very much into ebay stuff and if I really wanted anything that badly, I rather pay more to shop in a reputable place.

Guitar Lesson


I’m sure by now, you all know that 3 of my kids play some sort of instrument at one time or another and since the older one is in college, one can find it quite hard to communicate with him at times.  Last Christmas, he was back for the holidays and as usual, as parents we tried to show some interest in what he is currently crazy about.  The newest guitar of course, that he had gotten for a Christmas gift but that didn’t stop him from talking to us all about the nuts and saddles and how to give your guitar a longer life, all information courtesy of   graphtech at guitar center .

 So this Christmas, things were a little bit more livelier at home and the oldest did get to chat more with the spouse aka dad and they even spent some time jamming together.  Priceless moments – I told the spouse and he just nodded and agreed with me.

Karaoke Sessions At Home


Karaokes are very common in Asia, we have all sorts of Karaoke club that opens from morning till wee hours in the night.  Unfortunately, they are not as popular in the West, so if we wanted to sing our hearts out, you have to be like me, get your own karaoke machine and some sennheiser microphones  and you can invite all your friends over for a karaoke session.

And we did just that, you never guess how popular it is to invite your friends over to sing in the privacy of your home.  And I have to say that a lot of my friends are quite talented.  I love singing as well, so when there is no one around, I practice with the mic and master a few good songs to show off to friends when they are around.  I’m so happy that my friends find karaoke session so enjoyable.

Ukulele For Christmas


The youngest rarely ask for a lot but this Christmas, she wants a  mahalo ukulele .  She wrote to Santa asking for a ukulele and that was all she wanted and she wanted it badly she told Santa.  So like any good parents, we found her a very cute ukulele that we think that she will enjoy for a long time.  I’ve always loved the ukulele and I think the reason why she chose this instrument is because it is small and she can carry it around especially during school talent practices.

Christmas Party For The Office


This year I’m not the event co-ordinator or the office’s Christmas party and I’m really lucky about it because this year, they are combining the party with different department to save cost.  I don’t know if it is a good idea because they would need some heavy duty sound equipment like a  leslie speaker  and lighting options and catering for 500 workers is no easy feat.  I thank my lucky star that I was not in town when they chose their volunteers but definitely do not envy those who are asked to beg or borrow equipments from sources they know.  But I do look forward to the yearly Christmas party and wish them well – that’s for sure.

Music Lovers


Everyone of my kids play one or two musical instruments and I’m really proud of them and when you go shopping with an entire family who loves playing music, you can be sure to bring something back from the music store.  So yes, they are very easy to please, these days when I want to go shopping with my spouse or the oldest boy, I would entice them with a trip to the music store too and for sure, they come along and bring home something from the music store.  Today, we brought home a  decimator  , yes – I didn’t know what they were used for till today.

But the son and spouse knew exactly what they were and what they wanted, the decimator  is used for the guitar to reduce the noise on the guitar pedal, so I was told today.  Interesting indeed but both the son and spouse was happy with their purchase and so was I.  They spent hours discussing about it and went home and tried the decimator immediately.  So easy to please my boys!

Music Lessons For My Kids


My kids take several music lessons throughout the week and they cannot do without their  road runner case  , in fact, all of them has one of them to carry their instruments from home to school and then from school to their music teacher’s home.  Some might thing that these cases are way too heavy for a child to lug a long everyday but it’s one of the best cases to protect your musical instruments.  Unlike in Asia, their are Filipino  maids to carry the kids music cases, here in the West, they are pretty independent and carry it themselves.  I’m proud of the way my kids are brought up because I don’t want to have a maid do everything for them and they literally become handicap once the maid is gone.  So yes, my kids carry their own road rummer cases.

The Things We Do For Our Kids


Yes, the things we do for our kids just to keep them happy and motivated.  The oldest kid will be back from college for March break next week and  he had asked the spouse to look at some  parker guitars at music123  .  It was a huge hint that the spouse should buy him one since he did so well this term.  I’m really not for it because it is way too expensive – and too valuable to bring it with him to college.  But in hindsight, he is no longer a kid – he will be turning 19 soon and if we can trust him with a car, why can’t we trust him with a guitar the spouse argued.  So in the end the spouse agreed to get him the guitar, while I only paid for the hard case – the things we do for our kids!