My favorite Sunday Brunch


When I am in Asia, this is my favorite brunch.  Because dim sum usually starts at 11am for several chinese restaurants there, I tend to sleep in if possible and then have these for brunch.  These are so heavenly! you have to try it to know what I mean.  I looked forward to all my business trips because of these food and shopping.  I worked hard and I spend even harder.

Choosing A Good Japanese Restaurant In Canada

I eat out a lotttt… !  more than I should I know but with working out of the house and  lots of traveling with the spouse and my own work, it was inevitable.  But even when I’m not traveling, I find myself eating out a lot too.  What I loved eating most is Japanese food even though I’m not Japanese.  And one thing I learned how to judge a good Japanese restaurant from a mediocre one, is their Chawanmushi.  Yes, right Chawanmushi or steam eggs in a little bowl.  If the chef can make good chawanmushi, I think I’m pretty much safe to say that I will enjoy the meal.  If they don’t even have chawanmushi in their menu then it’s not a full Japanese restaurant at all.

I don’t know how others choose their Japanese eateries but I choose them according to their chawanmushi’s standard.  The spouse thinks I’m a little crazy with that but I can’t help it.  I loved chawanmushi.

Fruit Cider

I think I would miss traveling a lot all because I won’t be able to buy stuff like the above that I cannot get here in Canada.   The spouse loves to bring home stuff like that to surprise me and I do the same for him when I am traveling for work.  While the spouse and I enjoy our life to the max, there are some people around us that are not too happy that we are doing so well.  I know of some of the spouse’s friends who don’t come around no more because we have better jobs and better house and cars than they do.

Life can be so strange at times, and when I look back at my sister who is still in Asia doing her “things” with other men instead of her own spouse, that tells me that their relationship cannot be the best ?  I may be wrong, of course, I never ask her and she would deny it too, so why bother?

Are humans so shallow?  or is it just our friends and neighbors?  Lucky for us, our families seems to be fine with our success and like the spouse said, we can’t control what others think about us.  But when it affects our kids – well, it affects mama bear here.

Fishy Fishy

We were in the city for some work the next day, so today being April Fool’s Day and also Easter Monday, we decided to have a good chinese meal at an authentic chinese restaurant that serves Sze Chuan food.  Too many, this must be a very ugly fish, where else, I loved this kinda fish because it reminds me of my childhood where I had to eat the eyeballs because my mom told me that it was the best part of a fish.  They delight in seeing me devour the eyes and spitting out the eyeballs after eating up all the jello stuff around the eyes.

The friends looked at me in disgust – hahahaha!

I Love Good Food

I think I’m pretty spoiled, I love good food and I don’t like eating leftovers.  My wished is to try all kinds of food from all over the world and at this moment I have to say that I have tried quite a lot of food.  I’m very lucky because my spouse brings me for most of his business trips and I eat anything I want and buy any kind of food I want to try.  I must have done something right in my past life – so my parents said.

Lots Of Eating Out

It has been a week of continuous eating out for our family and truth be told I don’t like it at all.  I don’t think it is healthy for the kids but what can you do when you have friends and family in town.  This week had been a really crazy week and I ain’t no cooking for 30 or so people who are in and out our home.  And as much as I dislike bringing the kids out to eat every meal – I have to say that the restaurants are proving to be very good with choices for both kids and adults but way too much sugar and salt in my opinion.  Hopefully, things will calm down a little next week and we can go back to our routines.

3.3% Alcohol


My son asked me if he could drink this ? since it was only 3.3% alcohol, he said to me, but it’s only a cocktail !  but you see in Taiwan the age limit for drinking is different as compared to the West.  The spouse looked at him and laughed and allowed him to have a bottle which I frown.   While in Canada, you can only buy liquor in an authorized store, in Asia, you can buy them in a grocery store, making it a lot easier for kids to get to them.  No wonder we see a lot more drunk driving in Asia than in Canada where I lived.

Rodney By The Bay


Located at the South Side of King Street West – we never fail to visit Rodney’s when we are in Toronto.   A dozen of oysters with a dash of Tabasco sauce and a squeeze of lemon – that is the start of our evening before we headed towards Massey Hall.  And all throughout the show – I was thinking of the 12 succulent oysters that I had greedily slurped.  I wanted to go back for more – but my tummy just didn’t think I could stomach it.  Another time – another day – Rodney!

New Restaurants In Vancouver


Trips to Vancouver usually amazes me how many new restaurants are opened – since the last time we were there – and we do go to Vancouver very often at that.  Recently there – we were introduced to some fine dining around Vancouver – by some business associate of the spouse – and food was indeed awesome.  With so many restaurants popping up like popcorn in Vancouver,  I too want to own a  restaurant supplies company in Vancouver, I bet I will make some good money.


This was a Japanese restaurant that we had gone to – I can’t remember the name – but it was at West Broadway – and it was pretty good and will try this restaurant again in the near future.


More sashimi – for us during the evening.


We had also visited a new Chinese restaurant that sold roasted pig – I haven’t had this for a long time now.


Some fried crab noodles for the table.


And for dessert – mini egg tarts.  Yummy to the max.  I do love going to Vancouver – they have so many nice and great restaurants there – I would love to live there when the spouse retires.