Christmas Party Preparation


I’ve started planning for our yearly Christmas party and even though the spouse thinks that it’s way too early, I don’t think so at all.  The first week of November is already gone and if I don’t start my planning now , I know I will get quite overwhelmed once it draws nearer.  First I need to prepare the guest list before I can decide on how much food and drinks I need to order or prepare for the party.  Of course, I also need to get my  customized shot glasses by Glass with a Twist  for all my guests to bring home as a token of my appreciation for all the gifts they are going to bring for my family and I.

I want my Christmas party to be a success and I want my guests to leave all happy and fed well on this special occasion as the spouse will invite all his friends and co-workers for this event.  My children will also have some of their friends over but they will go home with other kind of thank you gifts as shot glasses may not be appropriate.

And if I order all my party supplies now, I don’t have to worry about forgetting something and trying to find them in the city.  I need some Christmas photo booth props as well, that would be fun for both the kids and the other guests.  I also need new “Merry Christmas” garland for the fireplace and decoration purpose.  And of course, the food needs to be carefully planned and catered for.  Christmas is the only big celebration we have in our home, so starting the preparation now, is never too early.


Fashion Shows


When I was younger, I wanted to attend any fashion shows or anything that sounds arty farty or makes me look important and popular.  If I was invited for any event, I would be so happy and start planning on what to wear and what I should buy to attend the event.  The same for attending a friend’s wedding, it’s so funny when I think of it.  But I think, this has to do with our upbringing and how our parents were.

But now, when I get invited for any event, I don’t get overly excited and try ways to avoid attending them as much as possible.  I rather be doing something useful and meaningful or just curl up and read a book.  I really enjoy a good meal and a good glass of wine with some intelligent company rather than going to events just to show off the latest jewelry or designer bag or shoes.

Maybe I’m getting old?  maybe I’m getting tired? or maybe I’m getting way smarter ?  whatever it is I’m sure enjoying myself and won’t have it any other way.

Birthday Gift

Hubs birthday is coming soon and I don’t usually get him anything too expensive.  But this year, I know exactly what to get him because I’ve seen him eyeing on the  bolt 2   strap for his guitar.   It’s a Gibson too and it will match his guitar and it’s not expensive at all.  I think I might just get 2 of it for him just in case he destroys one and I can’t get a replacement for him.

Summer In Paris


Summer in Paris with my girlfriends and old classmates was planned for almost a year now.  We are having a blast and taking in all the sights and seeing everything.  This is not the first time that we’ve met up in Paris and reminisce our youth together for good friends are hard to come by these days.  With our lives so different after University , some migrated to London and some as far as Australia and some remained in Asia, we still managed to meet up every now and then.

And when we do meet up , we are like teenagers all over again and it is just like yesterday when we parted.  We love exploring different eating places and just relaxing and taking in great architectural and surrounding ourselves with history , fashion and lots of shopping of course.   Playing catch up and inspiring each other when we do meet up , is so liberating for all of us girls.  Therefore, it’s so important to have your own time and girls time , to be able to appreciate a world outside of your spouse’s and children.

 I hope to do this for many , many years to come, my girlfriends makes me a better person.

Music Gifts


Since it’s hard to buy for the spouse as he travels more than I, I decided to get him some  music gifts  but it has to be unique.   The spouse never did ask for anything in particular but I could probably order the above coffee table for him as my gift for his next birthday, for what do you buy someone who has everything and more internet savvy than I .  But I can’t go wrong with music gifts for he loves his music tremendously.  I guess, if we ever go broke, he can busk for money.

Protecting The Bass Guitar


My kids are all very good at taking care of whatever belongs to them.  They never once misused or mis-treat their toys or musical instruments.  I really lucked in on that part because I didn’t need to stress how important it is to take care of whatever we’ve paid for them.  So when I saw this  bass humidifier  in the music room, I knew immediately that it was my son who had bought it for this bass guitar.

I’ve seen my friends’ kids destroying their toys and not taking care of even very expensive musical instruments , therefore, when I see my kids going the extra mile and looking after our investment, I’m one happy mama here.

Korean Loot


Koreans are well known for their cosmetics and skin care and if you are in Korea and you don’t pack some home, then you are not being too smart.  This brand is quite new to me but not new to the Koreans apparently.  You must be wondering why a woman would need to try so many types of cosmetics and skin care, well, if we want to look some what presentable, we have to.  Plus , we women loved shopping and making ourselves look pretty.  More on this new Korean brand soon.

A Blue Guitar


As soon as the spouse saw this in his buddy’s apartment, he came home and said he wants one too !  Yup ! like a child, he went online looking for a  jtv ,  if you don’t know what it is by now.    The original price was like USD $1999 and now on sale for only USD $999, so I told him to go ahead and get it if he really wants it.  I too like the color and if what he said about the JTV is as good as it sounds , then I think it would definitely be a great buy.  This new collection would definitely complete our collection of the many great guitars we’ve purchased throughout the years.

Time For A New Car


Maybe?  the car wouldn’t start sometimes and it has happened twice already.  The car needs an inspection soon too, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to pass and some repair work is required.  I do love our old car but a new car may be in order.  We’ve had our old car for about 6 years now and the kids are getting a wee tired of the old car except for the oldest who insist that we give him the old car if we get a new one.  So a lot of test driving soon.

Easter Presents


Who out there gives Easter presents?  Raise your hands if you are with me, even if you don’t give presents to friends and family, it’s ok to get  yourself some.  Why ?  because during Christmases, you are always so busy getting gifts for everyone else except yourself, so this is the time to settle down and find yourself something you liked and had wanted to get for yourself for the longest time.

So off I went in the pretext of shopping for family for Easter but actually, I went out to get something for myself.  And as you can see here, it’s more than something but I figured hey ! i deserved it and more.  I’ve been working so hard and cleaning my home and taking care of the kids and the extended family, it’s time to take care of myself.  Afterall, if you don’t pamper yourself once in a while , who is?