Time For A New Car


Maybe?  the car wouldn’t start sometimes and it has happened twice already.  The car needs an inspection soon too, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to pass and some repair work is required.  I do love our old car but a new car may be in order.  We’ve had our old car for about 6 years now and the kids are getting a wee tired of the old car except for the oldest who insist that we give him the old car if we get a new one.  So a lot of test driving soon.

Easter Presents


Who out there gives Easter presents?  Raise your hands if you are with me, even if you don’t give presents to friends and family, it’s ok to get  yourself some.  Why ?  because during Christmases, you are always so busy getting gifts for everyone else except yourself, so this is the time to settle down and find yourself something you liked and had wanted to get for yourself for the longest time.

So off I went in the pretext of shopping for family for Easter but actually, I went out to get something for myself.  And as you can see here, it’s more than something but I figured hey ! i deserved it and more.  I’ve been working so hard and cleaning my home and taking care of the kids and the extended family, it’s time to take care of myself.  Afterall, if you don’t pamper yourself once in a while , who is?

Heavenly Breakfast


I don’t get to eat this as often as I would love to but once in a while when I am traveling in San Francisco, I would definitely stop at Chinatown and have some of my dough fritters and coffee – the Asian style.  Brings back so many memories when I was younger and lived in Asia.  My parents and forefathers grew up eating these but of course, not in such style, it came wrapped in paper usually just old newspaper and an old ceramic cup.

Life was pretty simple then and never did I think that I would migrate so far away but I knew that I didn’t want to stay put in Asia when I grow up.  I knew for sure that I wanted to marry someone from the West because I’m such a outspoken person.

Music Stands


So my kid calls me from school and said to me to get some stands for music  for her school music band and I said sure.  Afterall, how much can a couple of stands cost right?  I figured I would be doing my part as a parent for the school, so out I went to get some music stands for them but of course, I didn’t get the right color *slap forehead*.   I figured the colorful ones would be rather outstanding but all they wanted were regular colors ones, meaning black.  So I had to bring the music stands back and found some regulra colors ones and brought them back to the school.  Mannnn!  these kids are so hard to please these days.

Classical Guitar Classes


We are all for music lessons for all our kids and if they wanted to try something new, we first sit them down and talk to them about the cost and also to see how serious they are in taking the class and not just because one of their friends are doing it. Normally, my kids have a good head on their shoulder but once in a while they kind of surprise us with, lets just say different thinking.  Parenting is all about compromising and bringing out the best in your kids and hoping that they will grow up to be good adults with responsibility and accountability in whatever they do or purchase.

So when the youngest asked for classical guitar lessons and  guild classical guitar , we told him that we will provide the classes but he needs to save up for the guitar.   So all during the summer, he mowed the lawns of our neighbors and his grandparents and did odd jobs here and there and was a hobo and collected recycle bottles.    Now don’t get me wrong, we are not mean parents or stingy parents but by doing this, we are building character in our kids, everyone of them did that at one point or another in their lives.  And thus far, they never come to think that money grows on tree and they know that they have to work for stuff and that nothing just land on their lap.  I don’t know how other parents method of teaching are but this is how our rules are around our home.


Shopping For My Teenagers


When I travel for work, the first thing I do when I get some free time is to go shopping for my kids.  They always have a list of things for me to pick up for them and like any mums out there, we head straight to the store to pick up their stuff first before even thinking of ourselves.  This trip to New York, I was asked to pick up some  Clayton Guitar Picks  for them because they can’t find any locally.  I’m glad they have it at the first music store I went into but I guess they are a lot more popular in the States than over here in Canada.  The picks are also cheaper than the ones that I’ve been buying for them locally too, so I picked up like a dozen for them and their friends.  Yes, I’m that kind of mom, who is very generous to all my kids’ friends, that’s why they loved me most.  And you can be sure , I will know what my kids are up to from their friends – my way of bribing them – hahaha!


Smart Shopping Vs Shopping


A month ago I was in the city and saw a bag that I loved so much and wanted to buy it but since I know that Roots does this customer appreciation thing every now and then, I decided to wait.  I could afford it of course, but do i need that bag so much that I couldn’t wait to save some money.  So today, I ordered the bag from Roots at 30% discount and that means less $90 which i can use to buy something else if i chose to.  Am I stingy or am I just shopping smart?  I say I’m just shopping smart and wished everyone would do the same.  Plus I wished everyone wouldn’t shop for something they don’t need just because they want it when they don’t have the money for it.  Some people use their credit cards to buy things because they don’t have the money for it and that I have to say is very stupid.  I wished my kids wouldn’t do that either when they are older, that is such a huge mistake.

Expensive Soft Serve Ice Cream


Very expensive in my humble opinion!  At about $10 for this scope of soft serve ice cream , one can only afford to eat this once in a while.  But I have girlfriends eating them on a daily basis and cannot live without their elite soft serve ice cream that opened its door just opposite our office.  What a sin!  lucky for me, i’m not overly crazy about it and can do without it, I pity the co-workers who’ve been spending tons of money at this ice cream store and although it is very good, I just wouldn’t succumb to paying $10 for a scope of ice cream.  I would indulge in a lot of food but I can’t stomach such an expensive ice cream.  What about you?  what is your latest indulgence?

Preparing For Christmas

 Christmas is round the corner, as many of my friends’ facebook status said and even though Thanksgiving is not here yet, I like to be prepared for Christmas because every year , we pay so much attention to Thanksgiving that we forget to get what we need for Christmas as well.  So this year, I’m way ahead of all my friends and picking and choosing my  Lemax villages  and having them shipped to me before the Christmas rush.  I don’t want to be caught in the rush and not having my christmas decorations not arriving on time.

Autumn Nights


Preparing for my trip to Italy , and this is what I will be wearing for my autumn night.  It had to be a little business like and of course, since it is cocktails and dinner, one have to dress up abit and autumn is usually cold in the evening, so this girl is bringing my coat too.  My kids just complained that I’m obsessed with dressing up for the occasion but you can’t blame me for it because people would judge you for what you wear and how you represent your company and yourself.