Summer Night Drink

A summer night drink on the patio after a bbq with some good friends.  What can one asked for more? good friends and a good drink of Vodka with some lychee liquer and club soda with some lemon juice and of course ice cubes.  The girlfriends put in some fruits in theirs but I just … [Read more…]

Asparagus Season

The asparagas season is here and the family and I cannot wait to get making some wicked creation with them.  I saw a bunch of it on sale at our local supermarket and picked some out.  We love them plain with some salt and butter or if we feel fancy, we wrap some bacon around … [Read more…]

Pot Washing

The wife and I came home the other night and while putting away the dishes, so that she can wash another batch found this in our dish rack.  Obviously, this isn’t one of our work but of the babysitter.   I asked the wife, if the sitter even washed the pot, in which the wife was … [Read more…]

Funky Colored Lobster

Funky colored lobster had been appearing on our shores for the last few years.  Everyone was excited when we had our first blue lobster and I had asked some who had cooked and eat them if they tasted any different, apparently not.  Lobster pigmentation was what caused the lobster to turn blue according to some … [Read more…]