Red Necks For Neighbors

I swear we have a bunch of red necks for neighbors lately.  They have been partying every couple of weeks and to wee hours in the morning.  We really try to be good neighbors and not complain but lately it have been getting worst. So one weekend , when the spouse was in town, i … [Read more…]

Investing In Properties

  The spouse figured that we should put our money into investing into properties in and around town as the prices for homes around the town seems to be of a reasonable price lately.   As for me I’m skeptical because i don’t want to be a landlord since the spouse is away very often.  As … [Read more…]

A New Love

My new love !  thanks to my dear friend Gordon !  who recommended this to me over facebook !  now I cannot lived without it !  and I go everywhere looking for Siracha!  you wouldn’t believed the look i get when I ask for them when I am traveling for work.  Food is so important … [Read more…]