Coffee Coach Express

The Coffee Coach Express aka train station is open for business again.  We used to love going there till one day .. we got bad ice cream, YES !  bad soft serve ice cream at that, from that day on, the spouse didn’t want to eat there anymore.  But everyone deserve a second chance and … [Read more…]


My favorite munchie store – been here before I was in high school.  Now that has gotta say something right.  Whether you need a newspaper, a drink, a snack or a sandwich, they even have ice cream – here is where you go. Loads of munchies

Car Cake

This cake was home made, I’ll have to say the friend’s sister is very talented.  I was impressed and so was the birthday boy.  Really, really home made, the next time my kid has a birthday, I’m gonna get her to do one for her.  Look at how detail the cake is, you have to … [Read more…]

Quaker Crispy Minis

A slightly healthier version of snacks, only 90 calories for one serving.  As it is the wife already thinks i eat too much munchies, so she suggested this for me instead.  BBQ flavored, pretty good but the bites are so small and they are so airy for me.  But nevertheless, at $2.49 a pack – … [Read more…]


It’s spaghetties but getties is stucked because the kid calls it that.  One never knew how versatile the spaghetties can get until you get a chinese wife craving for noodles.  Lately, we haven’t had any luck getting her some udon to fry some noodles for herself and the kid.  So she did what she knows … [Read more…]

Sandwich Made Easy

I’m a real sandwich eater, I can eat sandwiches for all my meals but the wife likes varieties of fillings for her sandwiches and these home made chicken salad that you can get from Sobeys is one of the best thing.  Not too, too expensive and pretty good.  We keep them in our fridge for … [Read more…]