The Nazi Deli

The wife calls this the Nazi Deli because of its Nazi chef but that was a long time ago, the current chef is nice and the Nazi chef although cooked excellent food is gone.  I was back for a business trip and thought I would drop in for some pastrami sandwich while the wife had … [Read more…]

Krispy Kreme Japan

I wasn’t kidding when I told you all that I liked junk food.  Krispy Kreme in Japan is a must when we had a stopover there.  I bought a bunch to share with the co-workers in India and they were thrilled.   Eating it fresh brings out the ultimate taste of these donuts but it still … [Read more…]

Best Fast Food

Once you’ve eaten Arby’s roast beef, you know you are not going anywhere else for fast food.  Bad fast food ?  I don’t think, you should see how much beef they give you inside your bun, it’s crazy.  Almost like beef don’t cost any money here.  Super thin slices of roast beef and just order … [Read more…]

Korean Town

I was in LA a few months ago and my Korean co-worker said to me one night that the Korean food in LA, I’ve got to try because they are way better than the ones he gets from home.  And who is to argue with him when he is orginally from Korean right. Korean Town … [Read more…]