Cold Noodles In LA

When you have a chinese wife, you get to try all sorts of things and one of them is this cold noodles and they are also called Cold Soba.  I ordered this when i was at the airport in Narita and the girl who took my order gave me a giggle.  I guess she must … [Read more…]

Cheese On JAL

Cheese on JAL business class but not really the kind of cheese I liked, they said these were the international cheese selection.  I asked if they served cheese whiz and the flight attendant thought I was crazy.  The  next time, I should remember to bring my own.

St. Patrick’s Day

Well, good ole St Pat’s day is just round the corner, so we bought some of this St Pat’s cookies to share with the kid’s school friends. Sorry, no Irish friends to buy them for – so had to make an excuse to buy junk food again. The wife don’t like to see us eat … [Read more…]

Mee PoK

The neighbours saw the wife cooking the above noodles and wonder what it was.  It’s called Mee Pok, a kind of flat noodles, just like spaghetties but flatten.   We don’t get this very often in Atlantic Canada but once in a while when are up in the city, the wife buys them and store them … [Read more…]

Halloween Goodies

I love cakes especially chocolate ones.  The wife on the other do not love the cake but she loves buying them and giving them out to the kid’s school for the kids to devor.  Halloween, my kid and her school planned some party, so of course, the wife of course had to look out for … [Read more…]

R.I.P Cake

Boy! they are getting earlier every year, it’s only the first week of October and you can find Halloween cakes like this in our local grocery stores.  I must say they are pretty creative and the wife is eyeing on some to get them for the kid’s school.  This one is made from cupcakes – … [Read more…]

Subway & the Deli Steak

So the other day I went to the Subway drivethru to get a couple of sandwiches. A 6″ turkey for myself and a deli for the wife, this time she saw steak on the menu and decided to try that. I place my order and drive up to pay, the total was about $2 more … [Read more…]